One Heart, One Body

Created: 03/26/12
Last Edited: 05/28/13
A creative campaign focusing on heart disease as a national issue among Americans.

  • One Heart, One Body
    Exhibition Design, Advertising
  • One Heart, One Body is a creative campaign which focuses on heart disease as a national issue among Americans. My campaign heightens visual graphics to address a pressing issue and display solutions through advertising.

    I created my banner advertisements with a strong sense of spatial sensitivity inspired by interior and exterior architectural spaces. The large-scale banners were designed and installed with the intent of impacting my audience as they move through the space. I also created custom totes to inspire people to shop for health foods while at the grocery store or engage in healthy activities as they use these bags. By including brochures I wanted my audience to take away a piece of my exhibit and reflect on their own lifestyle while on-the-go.

    Through 2-dimensional imagery and colors, and 3-dimensional scale and mobility, my designs will hopefully create an immediate response to a national health issue. My hope is to spread awareness through my creative campaign to help educate the public about the one chance at life. Design that communicates a message is design that empowers. 

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