One Capella, Many Voices

  • I created this piece for Capella University for their use in internal training programs for new hires. It showcases approximately 35 videos, 5 or so audio clips and a few written responses of employees speaking about their job and the working environment at Capella. I edited and digitally re-touched every image, designed and built the user interface using Flash. I chose Flash as the primary delivery device because of Capella's existing systems of delivering video and audio at the time of this piece's development.

    The biggest challenge with this piece was finding an easy way for users to navigate between the massive amount of videos, audio and written statements of the employees and still give a personal feel of having a conversation with existing employees. The solution was to make a left navigation column with image thumbnails of the employees with icons visually describing how their message is delivered. When the image thumbnail is hovered on the job title of that person appears so users can scroll through and pick roles to listen to based on their new position or interests. The thumbnails are visible at all times, and can be scrolled through even while a video or audio is playing to the right.