One Candle, 6 Movements

  • Inspired by alphabet illustration/design work, I created postcard/flashcard designs representative of a few of the many design movements (A-Z). The artwork would illustrate the style of the chosen art movement and would include the alphabet initial of the chosen movement, the name of the movement, and one neutral object throughout. I chose Art Nouveau, Constructivism, SachPlakat, Suprematism, and Surrealism. Although the styles are different there had to be unity between all of the cards as if it were a set/series.
    Final Piece was chosen to be in the AIGA Emerge Exhibit, among other students' work,
    to represent our school, Art Institute of Los Angeles.
  • Original Photograph

    This was an exhibition held by the AIGA at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles. It was held to showcase selected pieces from students in the GD programs of colleges all around Southern California. I had the privilege in having my piece selected as well as other students at the Art Institute of Los Angeles, to represent our school.

    Other Colleges
    Pasadena Art Center, CalState Polytechnic University Pomona, CSULB, CSULA, CSUN, Cerritos College, FIDM, Loyola Marymount, Otis College, UCLA, Extension USC, Westwood College, LA, Woodbury University.
  • Final Print: Dimensions (20in x 20in)


    Thanks for viewing!