On a Lark sundae shop branding

Created: 05/30/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
Ice cream packaging and branding project.
  • On a Lark Sundae Shoppe
    Branding and Packaging projects
  • For this project we were to choose a random object and create, name and design a new and interesting brand around it. This ice cream shop would specialize in fresh ice cream sundaes, and the challenge was how to create take home packaging that would keep the fresh toppings from the ice cream until the user wanted to eat. 
  • Logo 
  • Take home ice cream packaging. The customer would choose one bottom and as many toppings as they would like. 
  • Lids are marked and color coded to allow the user to easily choose the flavors that will complement each other most. 
  • Detail of side and partial back of container. 
  • Very simple store website landing page. 
  • Additional page highlighting flavors. 

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