Olive Restaurant

  • Olive Restaurant
    Logo and Website
  • This project was to create a logo identity and website promoting a new restaurant, "Olive", in the Washington D.C. area. Website visitors could be anyone living in, or visiting, the Washington D.C. metro area. Age range would be estimated at 18-65 either male or female, and from either wealthy or working class backgrounds. Olive will has an organic and unique look and feel that is first established by the logo design. With the logo created, the rest of the website follows the logo’s look and feel. The first main goal is to create an informative website which answers all the questions for the user successfully. The second main goal is to create a visually engaging website that would create a feeling of confidence and trust in the restaurant’s ability to serve good food and provide quality service. Once these goals are satisfied, the user could navigate further into the website to answer any questions they have.