• Old Adages Greeting Cards
    Two Color Greeting Cards with Dual Meanings
  • For awhile after after I created my 'Put a Feather in Your Cap' greeting card I had been playing with the idea of expanding the one card into a series of four cards that you could then buy in a nice boxed set. For those who don't know, the saying 'put a feather in your cap' is an adage, which is a traditional saying expressing a common experience or observation. A proverb or maxim if you will. As soon as I decided on expanding the series to be other adages, I spent tons of time just brainstorming all the adages I could think of, from 'as busy as a bee' to 'cross that bridge when you come to it.'

    In the end I thought, being cards that you would send, it would be interesting if the adages had dual meanings. Like 'put a feather in your cap' can be congratulatory, 'bury the hatchet' can be an apology, 'burning the candle at both ends' can be a get well soon note, while 'opposities attract' would be the amorous card in the bunch. I stuck to the original color scheme of the first card, but as you can see, all the designs are very pared down and simple. I wanted the design to by symbols that are easily recognized and uncomplicated, like the adages themselves.