Ocean Pacific Rebranding

Created: 06/19/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Rebranding project
  • Rebranding Ocean Pacific
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    The task of this rebranding project was to create a new identity for a brand that was either forgotten, dead, dying, defunct, or all of the above. I made it my goal to develop a new integrated system for the brand by revisiting its original soul and mood, as well as researching its core audience. The final piece was a brand standards guide that exhibited the new identity’s logo, audience, and vision, as well as prospective products and extensions.
    I decided to revisit Ocean Pacifc, a one popular surfing brand in America. I looked into their early beginnings as a grassroots company in Huntington Beach, California to redirect the brand back to its original embodiment of the love of surfing, as well as the laid-back culture and lifestyle attached to it. The Ocean Pacific brand was reworked to unleash its naturally adventurous side, encouraging an active beach lifestyle, while at the same time putting a more prominent focus on the protection and care of the surrounding environment. The new Ocean Pacific keeps sustainability and conservation as core values through its innovative and environmentally-friendly products that help consumers perform fully. In addition, the brand's extension, Ocean Pacific: Protect, works on various initiatives dedicated to the protection of local beaches and marine life.

  • Ocean Pacific has let go of its dated look to embrace a new mark that shows its ideals of a more holistic, earth-conscious, and carefree environment. The new branding signifies Ocean Pacific’s refreshed image and mission. Less structured and more organic, the new brandmark helps to express a sense of freedom and motion as the two rings emanate from the center in an organic fashion. This logo also shows our interconnection between ourselves and the natural elements of earth and ocean. The inner ring represents man and land, and the two outer rings represent water and the sun. Although each flow individually, the rings form a single unit, representing the delicate balance of our ecosystem.

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