• Every year FBA sets aside some of its working time to donate its professional design services to non-profit organizations.

    Over the years we have done several projects, undertaken voluntarily and without payment as a public service. The causes or organizations we decide to support are either suggested by our team members or the result of invitations we receive. In the past we have worked with families of mental health patients, a center for children with cerebral palsy, elderly support groups, social inclusion charities but also with non-profit movements from the cultural sector such as a traveling jazz festival or a local community choir.

    During 2012 one of our pro-bono projects consisted of designing a book to mark over 20 years of work by APAV. APAV (Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vitima) is the Portuguese national charity for victims of crime. APAV wanted to use this opportunity not only to document its past activity but at the same time draw awareness on the effects of domestic violence in Portugal. The portuguese photographer Valter Vinagre was invited to capture the dark, silent and invisible nature of this crime. The result of this project was a book including essays on the work by APAV along with Valter Vinagre's photos.