Created: 10/05/10
Last Edited: 03/03/14
The objective of this project was to design a pharmaceutical line that was conceptually based. The deliverables included 8–10 bottles, as well as a display unit that would house them. I created a line targeted toward teens who suffer from depression.
  • OK.
  • To create an identity and packaging for a fictional pharmaceutical company that is targeted at a specific audience.

    Teenagers 13–17 years old have a very high rate of depression. Patients are usually prescribed anti-depressants alone, but are often not given medication in combination with the therapy they need. Depression is also more difficult to diagnose in teenagers due to the hormonal changes they are experiencing.

    There are alternate treatment plans available for depression. One of the healthier approaches is to use vitamin supplements in lieu of anti-depressants. Vitamins can be geared specifically toward the symptoms of the patient, and do not cause additional harm, like some anti-depressants can. They can also treat other medical issues at the same time.

    The brand name and tag line were created after reflecting on the  uncertainty teenagers are experiencing. Since they are looking for reassurance and acceptance, I developed the brand name Ok and the tag line, "everything's going to be." The tag line speaks to that reassurance, as well as accepting their current situation.
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