Northern Beer Traders

  • Northern Beer Traders
  • Northern Beer Traders is a family owned distributor located just north of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Established in 1986, it's sister location¬†Vecenie Distributing Company¬†has been pushing hops since 1933. Dedicated to their local customers and a strong supporter of American craft labels, Northern Beer Traders sought to update their image to reflect their growing selection and knowledgeable staff.

    Based on classic beer label and signage art, the new mark reworks the traditional elements as hand-drawn and incorporates icons that were important to the family who owns the business. Some of these icons included polar bears, swaying pines and big frothy pints.
  • First Round Sketches
  • Refined Second Round Sketches
  • Final Black and White logo
  • Mood Images and Palette Selection
  • Color Logo Trials
  • Final Color logo