Nochtli Package Design

  • Based in Minnesota, Paragon Fruits has been in the business of producing,
    distributing and selling mangos and prickly pears across the upper half of the United
    States. Paragon provides their clients with natural fruit products derived from the
    highest quality produce.

    As the company began to grow they realized the health benefits of the prickly pear
    and recognized a need for a 100% natural nutraceutical beverage in the marketplace.
    Thus they created a nutraceutical formulated to ensure maximum health benefits
    and purity, with this knowledge and the supply of fruit at their fingertips it was time to
    launch their own superior superfruit nutraceutical.

    As this business developed, they realized the beverage needed a name, a brand and
    a consistent message that could be used across all business segments.

    That's where w came in.