No-Fi Survival Kit

Created: 05/24/13
Last Edited: 05/24/13
The 'Good Day No-Fi Survival Kit' is a product that can be used if one day we found ourselves without the glorious slow of the internet. Included in the handy kit is a book with a few activities one can do to adjust to their new life, a calendar and stamp (with ink) to mark off each day & a little checkers set that one can use as a last resort.
  • Imagine one day youre thrown into a world without the internet. Before you contemplate throwing your computer out of the window in a futile effort to diffuse anger, consider using the 
     GOOD DAY No-Fi Survival Kit
    Included in this handy kit is a booklet that lists a few things to begin your journey through an internet - less life, a calendar & stamp to mark off each lovely, terrifying day and when you feel so inclined a checkers board and pieces.
  • The Survival Guide has twelve wonderful pages listing six activities one can start off with now that theyre adjusting to their new life away from a screen.

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