Nike Air Meds Campaign

Created: 01/13/13
Last Edited: 02/12/13
Nike Campaign
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  • My feet hurt! This is a phrase used daily by my wife after a long days work in the medical profession.  My wife has been working in the medical profession for years, and she goes though shoes like metal through a wet paper bag. After watching a documentary of the rise of Nike, I realized that this is a market that they have failed to tap into. While Nike is dominating athletic apparel, I’m sure that they would like to expand their brand to a new set of consumers; ones who can’t dribble a ball, catch a cold, or run much faster than a wounded tortoise. These individuals bounce around with winning attitude every day, they catch sky-scraping fevers and alleviate them before the sick grow deathly ill, they race up and down extended hallways bringing therapy to those with anything from a broken toe to brain cancer… they save lives. These people matter.
    So how do we let these people know they matter? How do we set them apart from the people who need their daily assistance? Can we make them feel good while looking the part? How do we make a pro athlete mimic the style of a Doctor, a Paramedic, or a CMA?
    The answer to this is Air Medics, shoes that float like the floret of a Dandelion, as soft as marsh mellow footies, and more style than The Sixteenth Chapel. What we want to do is provide a campaign that show these individuals in the medical field running as fast as an Olympic gold medalist, or jumping into an ambulance with the grace of Michael Jordan floating toward the basketball rim about to land a three-sixty slam dunk, or a nurse twisting and turning through a congested hospital hallway with lab results and a tube in hand without spilling a drop of blood.  After scouring the internet for a pair of attractive walking shoes for people in the medical profession, all I came up with was funny looking elf shaped shoes with hideous design, or shoes with the personality of a baked potato. It is my mission to single handedly change this awkward, withdrawn, Plain Jane culture, and turn it into a vibrant, eye catching, socially appealing way of life.

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