NewsWorks by LGFCU Website

  • NewsWorks is a free resource that provides articles, images and design templates to help LGFCU's local government units create their employee newsletters.

    For the overall look I combined an old-school typewriter photo and font with subtle modern gradients and rounded corners to compliment LGFCU's corporate site.
  • For the interior page backgrounds on either side of the main content I used my studio photography of desktop items commonly used when putting together a newsletter and relating to each main section of the site. The wider the user's browser window the more background images they see. The images are called out via CSS using a structure I developed to display different backgrounds on either side of the main content div.
  • One of NewsWorks' most unique assets is the "Image Library," which provides free high-quality photos and graphics. The Library uses CSS rollovers to show larger previews of each image.