New York Times Spreads

  • New York Times Spreads
    Spring 2011
  • This proposed layout for the New York Times Magazine was designed in response to my personal critique of the current format (*NY Times has since changed their design from which this critique was derived). I felt that the page space was very under-utilized, leaving a white-space dominant area that makes the general appearance of the magazine seem utterly flat.

    My idea was to alleviate a bit of this flatness by adding page elements that would add both physical and metaphoric perspective to the design. I created a color-code system which was based around a cube. The cube serves as an indexical reference which materializes my own perception of the news. I believe news coverage is divided into levels of perspective or scope: local (lifestyle), national (U.S.), and international (Global); yet despite the change in scope each perspective is granted an equal level of importance by the reader. Thus, the idea of a cube, which places equal prominence to each side, became the best choice to represent this notion. 
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