New Relise Identity

Created: 11/04/12
Last Edited: 11/05/12
This project was a multiphase identity development for our own brand.
Based off the name Relise (release or realize) a logo was produced, backed by the methodology our work ethic and philosophy. Summed up in three words: adventurous, equipped, resilient.
  • relise of 10/2012
  • Studio Tour Guide | When freelancing I work mobile and this is a somewhat abstract look at the geographic and literal location of my "studio"
  • This A1 poster was the final piece of the identity sequence. Here the objective was to promote the alter ego identity designed for and describe assets and elements using visual cues as well as other parts of the process. I opted to showcase the duality of the name Relise, provide a more insightful look at the person behind the name and where relise can be found, in addition to the methodology behind the Hare as an artifact/logo.

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