New Amsterdam Redesign

  • This piece focused around changing the brand’s current design aesthetic, which is focused on the authority of the brand into a more logical appeal. The recipe number was incorporated as a dominant part of the design, to establish New Amsterdam as a company vastly involved in bringing the best quality and taste of beverage to their customers. The new design is still aimed at the same audience of those in their twenties, looking for not the cheapest or the most expensive liquor, thus the classy style of the original design was kept through the use of black, white and a splash of color for emphasis.
  • all of the twist-off bottle caps with color on the tops corresponding to colors of type on front.
  • angled shot to show the color on insides to further differentiate alcohol types.
  • context shot of redesigned bottles of vodka+red berry vodka with some of the competitors.
  • the original+official packaging design of the vodka + gin.