Neptune Logo

  • Neptune Logo
    A new logo proposal for a hard-drive testing system
  • This project introduced my Professional Practice graphic design class to the scenario of branding and identity for real clients. We were to create a logo which would then be translated to business papers and one other collateral piece for our clients. I worked with a contact at Teradyne, a leading automatic testing equipment supplier in the US. A new, highly efficient testing system had recently been launched called Neptune. While this system already had a logo assigned to it for advertising purposes, I felt it was too generic and didn't connect with what Neptune actually did: test hard-drives. My re-design incorporated the motion, fluidity, power and function of the machine itself into the disk-wave graphic. The first image below shows this final result favored by my contacts at Teradyne as a solid alternative, even if hypothetical. The second identity shown below was the runner up design, which is an abstraction of how the machine system actually looks. I had the added challenge of incorporating my Neptune logo with the existing Teradyne logo on existing business papers since Neptune is a sub-division of the parent company.

    Disclaimer: Teradyne and Neptune are the property of the Teradyne company and I do not own them in any way. I have permission to display my designs for portfolio use only.
  • Final Logo. Katherine Campbell, 2009.