Nelson-Atkins: Hand Built

  • Hand Built
    Map & Wayfinding Experience for the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
  • Prototypes
  • Artie the Art-Building Beaver is a kid-friendly personification of the Hand-Built theme, as beavers are known for their skills as builders.
  • canvas bag prototype
  • non-woven polypropylene bag prototype
  • events booklet
  • six collectible coloring cards
  • They're educational, too!
  • User Testing
  • Event Day & Final Versions!
  • The final bag was green polypropylene with dark blue ink, to minimize extreme contrast in the bright sunlight.
  • Children were given fabric markers to customize their souvenir bags.
  • Each featured sculpture had a station like this one where kids were awarded coloring cards for finding and visiting the sculpture on the map.