Neighborhood Creative Council - Strategy

  • Neighborhood Creative Council
    Submission for No Right Brain Left Behind - Innovation Challenge
  • Excerpt:
    Empathy and the understanding that we are accountable for our public schools is lacking in our cities and communities.  Our money is funding public schools – we should want a thoughtful creative voice in how the money is being spent.  Create a Neighborhood Creative Advisory Council, working with schools, developing creative solutions to issues faced by schools.

    As community members funding our public schools we need to develop a sense of accountability and ownership in the performance of our schools.  Public money provides funds to public schools - we need to develop a platform for input from community members as to how our money is being spent.  Creating a sense of responsibility and ownership in the performance of our schools - whether we have children in school or not is essential to building a better way forward.

    A city public school system would have Neighborhood Creative Councils for its neighborhood schools - geographic areas responsible for eachother.  these neighborhood Councils would report to a City Creative Council that would work with city officials and possibly national leaders and action groups.

    Neighborhood Councils would be made up of 4 interest groups, and supporting members within each interest group - all from the community, serving their local  community schools.
  • Firm/Collective: Organizes, leads, and supports efforts of Creative Council.

    Each interest group brings its strengths to the table, and another viewpoint and understanding to the group.  Working together to develop creative solutions to common problems - bringing creative thinking to our schools and communities and the issues they face.

    Advisory groups would work with public schools to address issues thru CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING!  Issues would be identified by schools - asking the advisory council for creative problem solving approaches.

    Issues could range from:

    -Student attendance
    -Parent participation
    -Funding for field trips
    -Community support
    -Library resources
    -School lunch programs
    -Building retrofits & maintenance
    -Arts inclusion
    -Technology integration
    -Cultural awareness issues
    -Immersion opportunities
    -Program funding
  • Neighborhood Councils will report back to and work with a larger City Creative Council that would champion , and take on solutions that could apply system-wide.

    If schools take on the creative solutions offered by the advisory council they will receive assistance to work towards implementing the solutions.  The may receive "bonus" money set aside for those schols who take on council ideas, or pro-bono services that help realize the solutions.