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Created: 06/05/13
Last Edited: 06/05/13
Paul Bunyan, the well known lumberjack from American folklore, is famous /infamous (depending who you are) for single handedly deforesting the American Northwoods. He and his loyal companion, Babe the Blue Ox, travelled North America cutting the finest timber for sale. I figured, what better mascot could there be for Neenah Paper's Environment® Premium Recycled Papers?

The story of Paul Bunyan and his transformation from one of America's most popular lumberjacks to a nature loving environmentalist is applied to an entire system promoting Neenah Paper's Environment® Premium Recycled Papers. The system features a fun promotional paper punch out beard mailer and the paper sample book complete with a customized box for shipping.

The goal here was to bring life to a paper sample book while still effectively showcasing how the variety of weights/styles respond to printing, embossing, die cuts, folds, etc.

All copy for the story was written by me, while the copy for the logistics was copied and modified from the existing Neenah Paper Environment® paper sample book. Printing was done on Neenah Environment® digital papers using a digital press. I claim no rights to the Neenah Paper brand or it's subsidiaries.
  • The Unexpected Environmentalist
  • This fictional series showcases Neenah Paper's Environment® Premium Recycled Papers in a 'Paul Bunyan' themed paper sample book. The story features several popular Paul Bunyan myths and touches on his history as an obsessive ax swinger. However, the story takes an unexpected turn when Paul realizes his environmental crimes and becomes the largest 'tree hugger' around.
  • Complete Neenah Paper system with paper sample book, sample book mailing box and promotional mailer.
  • Paul Bunyan popout beard, promotional mailer.
  • Sample book pages depicting the story of Paul Bunyan 'the environmentalist.'

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