Smithsonian National Zoo flamingo exhibit signs

Created: 11/09/12
Last Edited: 10/28/14
CLIENT/EMPLOYER: Smithsonian National Zoo
ROLE: critical production work, color correction and pre-media
DATE: Summer 2004

For many years these signs sat unfinished in flat files at the National Zoo. Over the years contact with the original designer was lost.

I was contracted by the National Zoo to compile and organize the project, update the signs’ text, color-correct some of the flamingo illustrations, perform all necessary pre-media functions to insure accurate color reproduciton and package the job for shipment to the sign fabricator.
  • Created by an Act of Congress in 1889 for "the advancement of science and the instruction and
    recreation of the people" The National Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the United States.
    These flamingo exhibit signs were installed in late 2004.

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