Natalie & Stephen French // Wedding

Created: 02/01/13
Last Edited: 02/01/13
I designed this wedding invitation (and accompanying materials) for my dear friend, Natalie, in the spring of 2012. The invitation was sent in an envelope; 4 tags tied together with a small green ribbon. The last card was perforated (with a sewing machine!), had a stamp, and functioned as a mailable postcard RSVP.

The program cover and menu were designed for use on the day of the wedding. The stamp was instrumental in defining the overall aesthetic of the design scheme, but was never actually used. It was intended to be stamped like a seal on the back of the invitation envelope.

All of the botanical imagery was drawn by me, and the stamp was carved by me with an x-acto, a rubber block, and transfer oils. My thumb was the victim of a deep stab wound and my roommate was the victim of some late night howls of pain. All in all, a successful and well-received project.

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