Napkin Design For BREADKC!: The Speakeasy

  • I was asked to design a napkin for BREADKC!'s The Speakeasy and was told I had full artistic control over the project. I knew that I wanted to make something that relevant to BREADKC! and since they server bread at their events, what could be better then turning your napkin into a bread basket.
    The Speakeasy examines and presents dialogue driven art practice through an evolving cultural corridor. It isn’t a static exhibition but a set of unfolding situations and relationships, it’s a specific place and moment for experimenting with and challenging both broader structures and ourselves in how we understand the economic and social forms that our art, our work, and our place take on. It’s a series of points along a path, rather than a destination. If we are lucky we will be able to observe how or whether these experiments affect the quality of our relationships. We will come away with images, dreams and politics that drive us, and for better or worse that’s one thing that art is good for. “Here ‘politics’ must be understood as the imaginative exploration of ideas, the pleasure of communication, the exchange of education, and the construction of fantasy, all within a radically defined social-artist practice.”-Gregory Sholette(Dark Matter, Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture: New York, Pluto Press 2011).