NONPAREIL and Fash Bash

Created: 12/03/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
Branding and promotion project for corporate communications.
  • NONPAREIL Studio
    Branding, logo, event promotion and branded materials for NONPAREIL Studio,  fashion
    forward photography agency.
  • Concept for a fashion forward photo studio, NONPAREIL Studio.
    Naming, identity and logo design, studio brochure and promotional materials for an annual fundraising event presented by NONPAREIL Studio.
    NONPAREIL Studio is a concept photography studio that focuses on services for apparel and accessory designers, as well as boutique owners and publications. The studio provides photography as well as contracts with models and location scouting and permits. They take care of everything and provide an invaluable services to designers looking to showcase their apparel and accessories.
    The photography (by Markus Biehal) was chosen to demonstrate that the studio is high fashion, and takes a different approach with art direction. The studio can accomodate any budget, and the use of mannequins demonstrates an ability to think in terms of cost. Eliminating the need for models, in some cases, will be a smart budget move for smaller, growing designers and boutique owners. Great results can still be achieved through art direction, lighting and tone.
    The promotional items for the annual event are designed with fashion designers in mind. Higher end, luxury and innovative to draw the crowd that NONPAREIL Studio would like to have as clients.

    Black & White model photography by Markus Biehal,
  • Invitation to annual event "Fash Bash". Fash Bash is a fashion show, clothing drive and after party at the
    W Hotel in Minneapolis, MN.
    Fash Bash is an event created to support the local fashion scene, as well as to encourage attendees to participate in a clothing drive.
  • Invitation - unfolded
  • Fully unfolded
  • Save the Date cards
  • Internal communications - Nonpareil Studios employee newsletter.
  • NONPAREIL Studio brochure detailing the services they provide. The primary demographic is apparel and accessory designers, boutique owners as well as being a resource for publications for fashion shoots.
  • Product page in brochure
  • Fash Bash goodie bag. Each attendee will receive a goodie bag filled with Aveda products donated by the W Hotel, items donated by the participating accessory designers and the NONPAREIL Studios brochure.
  • Web layout and design
  • Recap of printed materials.

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