NCompass Microsite

  • Initial view of the NCompass Microsite.
  • This page was intended as a one-page marketing landing page for a web-based data management suite. During the discovery phase we discovered that the metrics that the software tracks parallels The Game of Life. We proposed inventing a board game that would neatly fit in all those life events as well as the opportunities that the marketer using the software would be able to take advantage of.
    Ultimately the client had neither the timeline or the budget to pursue the invention and development of a new board game, although they were fixated on the idea of parodying The Game of Life. The result is this microsite, which uses an animated parade of game pieces shaped like different vehicles to represent the phases in a consumer's life that may change their behavior.
  • Four out of the eight "game piece" slides representing points in one's life that may change their consumer behavior or mailing record.
  • Detail of sign up form inside modal overlay box. Field label dims when user's cursor enters the box, and disappears once the user types his or her first character.