My Work So Fsr

Created: 06/07/13
Last Edited: 06/08/13
The projects for RCC and Spring Garden Bakery were done to update their identity. The logos were for me and a friend.
  • The lettering done on the Spring Garden Bakery was hand done by me. The photographers were Alicia Irvin and Lindsey Allen.
  • These were for Spring Garden Bakery and Coffeehouse.
  • Signage for an interior designer.
  • Front of a booklet made for Randolph Community College. It is a 10-page booklet with pages for keeping a journal.
  • One version of my logo. It's called Racy because it's hot pink.
  • Another version of my logo. It's called demure because it uses more muted colors in the shoe.
  • These are the front and back of a card just reminding you to relax and remember that wherever you are, that's where you're meant to be. Keep your chin up!

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