My Wedding - Stationery & Website

  • My Wedding
  • In October 2009 I (finally) married my longtime girlfriend and life partner Caroline Shillito. To prepare for the blessed day I created an informational website (my first site ever) as well as some printed materials that were sent to potential guests and used during the ceremony and reception.

    Since a lot of guests were not only from out of town, but also out of state, and in terms of my in-laws relatives, out of country, time was of the essence so items were designed and deployed as they were needed. As a result the branding of each piece developed as time went on so by the time of the wedding, a fully fledged visual identity was born for the occasion.

    The typeface used throughout is Robert Slimbach's Kepler with some isolated uses of Edward Benguiat's Edwardian Script.
  • Engagement Party Invite
  • I proposed on our 7th anniversary in September 2008. After our engagement was formally announced, it was time to create an invitation for everyone to come and celebrate with us to kick off the start of wedding planning.
  • Engagement Party Invitation Postcard
  • Photos of the Engagement Party Invitation, Envelope, and Seal.
  • Save the Date Cards
  • In the spring after the Engagement Party it was time to send out Save the Date cards. They needed to be sent earlier than normal due to the large number of possible out of town and country guests. Since time was of primary importance I decided to print them myself on my inkjet using perforated templates from an office supply store. While the final Engagement Party invites turned out ok, there were a lot of problems with the online printer that we used in terms of quality. It can be a hard lesson to learn, but in print as everywhere else, you really do get what you pay for…
  • First Card, front and back.
  • Second Card, front and back.
  • Third Card, front and back.
  • Envelope Layout
  • Photos of the printed cards and envelope.
  • Wedding Invitations
  • After the Save the Date cards had been sent and we had received some feedback about who might be coming, it was then time to create and send out the invitations.

    In both of the previous projects a typographic element was used decoratively so I wanted to continue that trend through to the official wedding stationery. The Save the Dates had specifically used the left curly brace that is standard with Kepler so I expanded its use into a full fledged illustrative element, including what ended up being a logo of sorts for my wife and I as a couple.

    After the print problems with the Engagement Invite and wanting a higher quality product than what I could print myself, we contracted with Salutations, a stationery store in Chapel Hill, to print the full Wedding stationery set. My then fiancé and I decided to hand address the envelopes (not shown) with a fountain pen, so the only printed part is the flap, whose layout is shown below.
  • The logo for the Wedding stationery, in a vertical and horizontal version.
  • Layout for the envelope flap.
  • Layout for the invitation reply card.
  • Layout for the information card. Since we couldn’t fit all of the necessary details in the invitation, we included an information card so that potential guests would know to check out our wedding’s website.
  • Layout for the full invitation.
  • Size comparison of the layouts of each piece.
  • The full stationery set in real life.
  • Menu
  • Program Front
  • Program Back
  • Program & Menu In Real Life
  • Wedding Website
  • While the invitations were in production, we needed to get a website done quickly. I was in the process of teaching myself web design so I thought this would make a good first project. The final site was coded by hand and while I might cringe a little bit now if I “View Source” I’m still pretty proud of how it turned out.

    If you’d like, you can still view the site below, which I’ve preserved as is, other than fixing an occasional error that pops up as browsers change:

  • Website Mockup
  • Website Mockup with exposed grid.
  • The finished site as viewed in Safari with the appropriate fonts installed.
  • A secondary page.