My Discovery of Typography

Created: 02/12/11
Last Edited: 09/13/13
This project is called Typographic Variations and it documents my discovery of type. I created this in a Typography class at Eastern New Mexico University.
  • Typographic Variations 
  • This is a book that documents my discovery of typography through a project called Typographic Variations. 
  • In this book I took one poem, The Poetic Logic of Art and Aesthetics,  by Fredrick Sommer and created 28 different compositions. Each Phase had a set of rules and in each of the 7 phase there had to be a layout with 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns, and more than 3 columns. 
  • In phase one I used only Alignment to create hierarchy in the text. 
  • In Phase 2 I only used weight contrast to create the hierarchy. 
  • Phase 3 size contrast was used.
  • Phase 4 I built all the layouts on a diagonal to create a hierarchy. 
  • Phase 5 was free form.
  • Phase 6 I used rules and field color. 
  • Phase 7 was integrating type and image. 

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