Mustache for a Day | Glass Etching [Junior]

  • Mustache for a Day
    Glass Etching 
  •   This is my first ever attempt at glass etching or engraving, what I do is I start out with a Ai. file, or Illustrator file in RGB, everything must be 100% black for the laser to read the correct instructions to etch the right material. Once I have my file set up I import it into the laser, set up my file to fit the size of my object I'm cutting on, in this case the glass. Once everything is aligned and to my liking I click one little start button and the laser etches whatever is in my Illustrator file. Possibilities are endless ! I think it came out pretty awesome, can't wait to do more in the future. So the idea behind this was to etch a mustache into a piece of glass thats 18 x 7 inches, and then anyone at anytime can put the glass up to their face and have a mustache, thats pretty much it lol ENJOY! 
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