Musician Illustrations

  • Musician Illustrations
    Vector and Freehand Caricature

  • Inspired by the song “All Alone” which details the story of a “wind-up souvenir,” this illustration presents the members of the band FUN. as wind-up toysjuxtaposition of the toys being sad
  • Electro-rock band shown looking backward, a nod to their .
  • Sufjan Stevens’ album The Age of Adzreligious icon paintings
  • Art rockers the are known as much for their appearance as their music. The image , a decade frontwoman Karen O often references in her wardrobe.
  • , the two biggest stars of the indie rock collective , are treated as opposing heads on a playing card.
  • A poster for New Zealand’s self-described fourth most popular folk parody duo .
  • Freehand illustration of , inspired by his frenetic onstage dancing.
  • 3-color screenprint of Joseph Arthur inspired by his album The Graduation Ceremony which details the dissolution of a relationship.