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Created: 03/20/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
Art Directed + Designed: Music Logo for R&B Band, Brother 2 Brother | B2B
  • B2B
    Rock, Soul, R&B Band: Brother 2 Brother
    Graphis Gold Award, Logo 8
  • 1. Assignment:
    Relate the project to the reader as if to aPotential Client.

    Brother2Brother, an R&B group, asked me to design a logo for them. They wanted to streamline and focus their image, using the acronym B2B inplace of their full name. But they wanted to preserve the originalmeaning of the full name in their new, more streamlined branding. Thechallenge was to communicate their brand identity in a logo that wasstreamlined and elegant, without losing the connotations of soul, funk and brotherhoodthat are the roots of the band's music and life.

    2. Your Approach:
    Discuss your creative process on this project.

    The guiding principle of my approach, always, is that I work conceptually. I started by sending Brother2Brother a creative brief asking for generalinformation on their objectives and a short list of simple, descriptive wordsthat distill the essence of what the finished design needs to communicate. This helps define the personality of the client, and it forces the clientto prioritize. It also begins to break the project down into its initialgraphical solution. Brother2Brother gave me four words: Funky, soulful, hot,and polished. That was the concept in a nutshell, and starting from there I workedconceptually, rather than subjectively or at random, starting with funk andsoul. The word "brother" has rich connotations in the cultureof soul and funk music, which was a jumping-off point for the design. There is a bond between brothers; I thought of the phrase, "I gotyour back" when I was coming up with the two B's back to back. Thebrothers derive strength from their bond and defend each other, and the rednumeral "2", curving between the brothers and linking themsymbolically, like a long arm thatentwines around their bodies evokes the bloodline that links themtogether.

    3. Results:
    Discuss the Client's reaction or thefinal results of the project.

    The client was pleased with the solution, and lookingat it, I consider it a successful project. These performers have their rootsin soul and R&B music, and it was important to include that as part of thelogo's meaning. But I also wanted to go a little deeper than that, to getat the underlying concept of brotherhood. This was a project where Ireally began to feel that there was only one solution, one correct execution ofthe concept, and when I arrived at it I recognized it right away. Itembodied what I saw as the true meaning of the concept hidden within the logomark and I want the viewer to read deeper into my work to unlock the graphiccode.

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