Mrs. Benson

  • Mrs. Benson
    the widow
  • Mrs. Benson was originally a drawn 2D character. 
    She's a lonesome young widow who occasionally got dragged along on the adventures of these two other characters I had envisioned. The face I had imagined for her though was so unique that I had to make a sculpture of her.

    I started off strictly with clay (the same air-dry kind I normally use). I made her conical body with a concave bottom in which I joined another mass of clay to form her legs. Then, using my good old paper clips, I attached her two boots on. This way the boots can move around so I can position them so she can stand better. Also with the paper clips I made a joint for her head, so it can swivel around a bit. I added hair and hands and other details. I let the clay dry then painted it with acrylics. I then glued on the felt dress.

    I must say I am quite satisfied with her paint job.

    Completed early 2010.