Mr. Romance Promotion

  • Mr. Romance Promotion
    Fabio Hosts a Reality Show and Arrives in Time Square on a White Horse (of course).
  • How do you pass up an opportunity to work with Fabio? The guy is super nice and a consummate professional. This over-the-top "campy" reality show required some over the top stunts and a cheesy online presence as well.

    I had a lot of fun with this project creating an interactive box of chocolates which featured behind the scenes footage of the contestants. There was also an online viewers' chioce awards section, as well as cell phone wallpaper, voicemail messages and text message voting.

    We announced the viewers' choice winner in Time Square - hunky guys with their shirts off gained a lot of attention, but Fabio took the cake and grabbed the most attention as he entered the middle of Time Square on a white horse to kick-of the festivities. 
     Launch Project (Flash)