Motherless Brooklyn First-Year Reading Experience

Created: 05/13/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
This poster was the winning design for the 2012 First-Year Reading Experience at the University of South Carolina. It is meant to be a visual representation of Jonathan Lethem's novel, Motherless Brooklyn.
  • Motherless Brooklyn
    First Year Reading Experience Poster
  • This poster was designed for the 2012 First Year Reading Experience at the University of South Carolina. Every year, the students enrolled in the Series Development & Practice are required to design posters to represent the novel that has been selected for the incoming Freshman class to read and discuss as a group. Each student is then required to present their poster in front of a panel of judges.
    The selected winner's poster is printed and hung around campus and distributed in postcard form to the entire Freshman class. In addition, the winner receives a check from the University and is asked to speak in front of 5,000 students and faculty members at the First Year Reading Experience in August. 

    My poster, designed for Jonathan Lethem's detective novel, Motherless Brooklyn, was selected as the official 2012 First Year Reading Experience poster. The store front represents the central location of the novel itself - a rundown shop in Brooklyn, and the type is set in various weights of HF+J's Gotham, as another subtle nod to the location of the action in the novel. The advertising on the building has been manipulated to display some of the tourettic utterances that the novel's main character, Lionel, often repeats. The advertising and the graffiti both represent the way that the world, in Lionel's opinion, deals with tourettic outbursts - features that most people consciously or unconsciously ignore, but which are undeniable features of the urban environment. 
  • This postcard is another version of the poster itself - closely cropped for greater readability. Having a slightly different postcard design also means that the students will have something new to look at during the First Year Reading Experience. 

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