Motel Rebranding

  • US Grant Motel
    A Modern Update
  • After a month spent in Europe this past summer, a new breath of life was given to me, and this lead to a rejuvenation of my love of design and art in general. Spending time in the places that, up until this point, I had only read about in books, was refreshing.

    The project is a direct reflection of the impact that Europe had on me as a designer. The assignment was to take the influences of Europe and all that I had seen, and translate that into a local design project.

    I chose an old motel from my hometown of Mattoon, IL.

    Mattoon has a long history with Ulysses Grant. A flagpole from one of his encampments stood at the Mattoon Public Library until recently.

    To capitalize on this relationship, a motel was opened.

    The branding of this motel has been the same, with no updates in my lifetime. I thought it was time for one. What you see below is my vision of a basic branding update.