Morningstar, Chicago

Created: 10/06/10
Last Edited: 10/01/14
Interior and exterior signage at Morningstar's global headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.
  • In 2008 Morningstar relocated its global headquarters to 22 West Washington Street in downtown Chicago. The scope of work included both interior and exterior achitectural and directional graphics, signage standards, and electronic media displays spanning all ten floors. Taking inspiration from the company's name, a halftone pattern was developed as an abstract representation of the transition from dark to light at sunrise. This concept formed the cornerstone of the visual theme expressed in graphic elements throughout the building. 
  • 22 West Washington, western facade seen from Daley Plaza
  • Exterior Washington Street Sign
  • Exterior entrance sign
  • Haltone moiré developed as the main visual theme for the signage
  • Main ground floor lobby 
  • Eastern wall in ground floor lobby with halftone moire pattern
  • Interior lobby sign
  • Halftone pattern applied to glass partitions
  • Custom Typeface
  • Halftone-moire Screensaver 
  • Electronic media towers for internal company communications
  • Electronic media towers for internal company communications

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