• The Morning Glory Shop
  • The Morning Glory is a thrift and gift shop. All the profits from the store benefit DASI (Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault Intervention Services), a nonprofit organization that helps victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence and their families in Sussex County, NJ.
    This project was the winner of the 2012 ADCNJ Annual Design Derby organized by the ADCNJ. I was part of the team that represented Montclair State University and won both the Design and Presentation prizes. Since the contest takes only a few hours, we divided the work according to our strengths. My contribution to the team was to come up with the type treatment for the logo. After going through a few fonts, I decided to draw the type and give the logo the personal and friendly feel that the organization was looking for.
    After winning the event, we had to revise and refine our concepts and bring them to a finalized state. I put together the final version of the logo which included minor modifications done to the flower image created by my teammates and the "Morning Glory Shop" lettering created by me.
    In adition to the lettering and the logo I decided to make a short animation showcasing my lettering process and the final logo. Enjoy!
  • Morning Glory Logo
  • Morning Glory Logo Animation
  • Logo Color Variations
  • Lettering Process
    You can learn more about my process on this lettering piece at my blog.
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