Monkey Business

Created: 06/08/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
Part of being designer is also being aware of how your projects affect the globe. Paper is a huge source of waste, but we also need to look at how it is manufactured. Rainforest timber is harvested illegal in many countries around the world and animals are becoming endangered because their homes are being destroyed. Designers need to be aware that their paper purchases are coming from forests that are managed and certified by organizations like the FSC and GreenSeal.
  • Illegal Logging of Rainforest Timber
  • On a tour of a paper dealership, I learned a new term, "Monkey Paper, " which refers to paper that has been made from illegally harvested timber. One of the places where this is seen commonly is the rainforest, particularly in Indonesia where orangutans, elephants, and many other species make their home. This poster was created to bring awareness to designers and the public to be smart about choosing paper and check to see if it is certified by the FSC or GreenSeal to determine if it was harvested legally from forests that are monitored. 

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