Modernist Minds: An Abstract Experience

  • The design process for the art show Modernist Minds: An Abstract Experience required the creation of an interactive, futuristic, three dimensional interior design space. Modernist Minds is a temporary exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum of Saint Louis displaying the movements Abstract Expressionism, Dadaism, and Cubism. The exhibit incorporates the use of floor graphics, wall art, lighting, color, sound, textures, various materials, and LED screens to help create a space that allows the viewers to feel like they are walking through the art and the movements. The show unites the viewers and the art through digitally displayed information, and various forms of technology. 

  • (ABOVE) When viewers visits the gallery they enter the exhibit by walking through a giant lightbulb constructed out of painted fiberglass.  

    (BELOW) The first room visitors enter into is the Intro Room where they learn about each movement and the artist from each movement. A giant black cord (wall graphic and floor graphic) leads visitors throughout the exhibit.