Modern Playing Cards

Created: 06/18/13
Last Edited: 07/29/13
A different take on the ever-prevalent standard playing card set. The design is entirely derived from an equilateral triangle module. The result is a set of unique cards that act as their own modules within the grand scheme.
  • The card's triangle-based grid, which the entire design was subjected to.
  • Typeface design based off the established grid. It lent itself to a slanted feel,
    which parallels how one holds playing cards fanned out.
  • Red suits kept a warm color scheme while black suits took on a cool
    color scheme. 

    With an increase in card value, each of the four graphic elements
    moves one unit in its own direction, which created interesting, unexpected
    and dynamic compositions.
  • The cards, handled.
    The numerals and symbols draw parallels with the edge of the adjacent card.
  • Packaging. The identity was derived from the suit symbols inset within one another.
  • Despite the appearance of depth, graphic elements often align perfectly.
  • Cards seen as modules in their own right.
    Thank you.

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