Mobile Support Delivered Ads

  • Management requested an ad that shows movement to reflect the fast paced nature of the mobile support service featured. My designs were so well received that it was decided to use two, each one for a different audience, Service Member and military spouse.

    The graphics contributed to a significant increase in monthly registrations, paperless opt-ins, etc. surpassing our goals. Regarding self-service tool use our goal was a 15% increase over the average month’s registration so that more beneficiaries would be exposed to TriWest’s online self-service tools. The campaign resulted in a 19% increase.

    Additionally our objective of mobile tool adoption was a 10% week-to-week increase in three measurements reflecting the outcome goals of the Mobile Support Delivered campaign. The three measurement areas were Mobile App Downloads (Educational); Mobile Site Use (Transactional); SMS Text Alert Opt-ins (Transactional). The results of this objective were staggeringly positive. There were 8,400 Mobile App Downloads. There was a 187% increase in Mobile Site Use from August to December. And there were 6,722 SMS Text Alert Opt-ins a 580% increase.