Mobile Consumer Report

  • Mobile Consumer Report: Understanding the Showrooming Shopper
    We already know that consumers are using their mobile device to enhance their shopping experience. Instant access to product comparisons, prices and reviews – all while standing in the aisle – give the shoppers the upper hand. The phenomenon of “showrooming,” the act of a shopper using their phone to view the product in-store and then comparison shopping for the product online – is the latest growing concern for retailers. Vibes commissioned this survey to better understand how consumers are using their mobile devices, what factors influence their behavior and to quantify the opportunities and risks for marketers and brands alike. In this free report, we cover:
    • Key influencers of the mobile shopper’s buying decision
    • The latest showrooming stats on what factors influence a retailer's bottom line
    • Smart mobile experiences tactics for combatting showrooming
    • How the right mobile content can reduce the path to purchase
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