Missouri Telehealth Interpretation Project

Created: 11/09/10
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Missouri Telehealth Interpretation Project. Art Direction & Design for LAMP.
Project Info
Matchbox Design Group
  • Missouri Telehealth Interpretation Project
     Marketing Kit Artwork & Layout
    A singular portrait made up of many portraits represents that communication is a collaboration. This marketing kit was aimed at hospitals and clinics that receive federal funding. They are required by law to provide meaningful interpretative services to Limited English Proficient individuals. I used strips of imagery and color to signify that it is a series of fragments that make up a whole. I used the thin, jagged type Simplex on the cover to reference feelings of uncertainty with the primitive letterforms. 
  • Bebas and Adobe Garamond Pro Bold Italic are used throughout the remaining marketing material to represent the officiality and gravity of the issue.
  • A Neo-plastic inspired layout was chosen to guide the viewed through the gatefold information.
  • Geometric shapes and monochromatic colors were used to emphasize the concept of "fragments" when communicating with someone who does not speak English proficiently. 

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