Mission Prague

Created: 03/23/12
Last Edited: 01/23/13
A promotional kick off mailing to potential qualifiers for a trip to Prague.
  • Promotional Mailing & Campaign
  • The Mission Prague campaign kicked off an announcement thatcertain high selling insurance operatives would be sent on an all-inclusivetrip to the Czech Republic. The campaign was targeted towards large insurancebrokers and wholesalers who sold through numerous carriers, not just Mutual. Inan attempt to get them to sell more Mutual products this mailing went out andenticed them for the upcoming trip.

    The outside package was designed to look no descript andvery vague. However, once it was opened they were presented with a leatherdossier and given instructions from mission headquarters. Further inside was amap of the city with points of interest, "mission details" whichoutlined the qualification requirements, an insert for the "InnerCircle" explaining the optional trip to Vienna and finally their "Mission Background" file folder which highlighted the city throughpictures and background information cleverly disguised in a file folder brochure.

    Awards & Recognition
    2013 - AAF Addy
    2012 - American Marketing Association (AMA) - Pinnacle Award - Best of Large Business Promotions
    2012 - GD USA - In-House Design Annual
    2012 - AIGA Gold

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