Movie Poster: The Birdcage

Created: 03/09/13
Last Edited: 11/26/13
A colorful, symbolic take on a movie poster for "The Birdcage."
  • This project was inspired by the Minimal Movie Posters blog on Tumblr. I absolutely love this movie, and wanted to make a cute, simple rendition of the plot.
    However, I got caught up in the details of the gorgeous Art Deco District of Miami where the film takes place. My love of color added visual interest to a palm tree.
    Two engaged lovebirds, one male and one female, are enclosed in a cage made of golden bars. On the right you have the groom's family, a same-sex couple, and on the left there is the bride's family, a heterosexual couple.
    To symbolize the schadenfreude and drama in the film, I had the parents fighting each other for posession of the string holding up the birdcage.

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