Mine Subsidence Guide

  • Mine Subsidence Guide
    Designing for a clear understanding of a complex subject
  • We designed and illustrated this guide, which explains to homeowners what mine subsidence is, and how it may impact their home. Over the last forty years, suburban metro area homebuilding has expanded onto the land above areas that had once been mined for coal. As the coal beds played out and land prices increased, homes were built, sometimes resulting in dangerous situations. Foundations would crack or even fall tens of feet into the ground as mine workings below them collapsed, causing thousands of dollars in property damage and endangering lives.

    The client, a state agency, needed to update the guide, and we created new illustrations and redesigned the layout to make it more accessible and useful for the homeowner. The 48-page booklet was printed in three spot colors, plus black, with the addition of a spot gloss varnish.