Mindo Chocolate Sustainable Package Design

Created: 01/18/13
Last Edited: 02/10/13
This work was produced as a two part project – brand strategy followed by sustainable package design. In the initial phase, I performed research on the social (cultural), economical and environmental aspects of chocolate making, through which I gained an intimate knowledge of the process from farm to table. I also interviewed the client and other stakeholders in an effort to learn as much as I could about their goals, perceived needs, behavior and values.

For the second phase of the project, I created sustainable packaging solutions for Mindo. I reviewed artisan chocolate making, explored the competition and market, looked at potential materials and processes, explored the supply chain of those ideas and finally outlined a solution that encompasses all the data collected.

View the case study and full report here: http://sarahjanemaki.com/portfolio/mindo-chocolate-sustainable-package-design/

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