Midtown Global Market - Cross-Cultural Design

  • Company:
    Neighborhood Development Center
    Way-finding branding communications of all public interior and exterior spaces, mall-wide.
    Create a branded, multi-cultural and universally-appealing public shopping environment for the
    launch of the Twin Cities’ much-anticipated Midtown Global Market.
    A synthesis of multi-cultural patterns/colors serves as the interior design inspiration, creating
    optimal visual energy and representing varying cultural heritages. This approach is infused in
    all creative solutions:
        Brand development:
        logo, colors, kinetic execution (patterns)
        Environmental design:
           • Exterior: Signage, awnings.
           • Interior: wall color selections, kiosk model design and production management,
              hand-painted columns, way-finding signage, graphic communications, central dining area.
    • Map/brochure.
    • Print/outdoor advertising.
    The Midtown Global Market transformed an otherwise sketchy, unvisited neighborhood into a
    high foot traffic area drawing 1.2 million visitors annually (more than the Minnesota Zoo). It has
    blossomed from an incubator-only concept into a destination hosting numerous popular events
    (craft shows, tours, cooking classes, festivals, etc.).