Midsummer Arts Festival

Created: 11/06/10
Last Edited: 03/31/14
Postcards and posters for the MidSummer Arts Festival. Running for 15 years, the
annual festival is held in the Hudson Valley, and features a variety of performances and activities.
  • Midsummer Arts Festival
    print design
  • This project was a 48-hour turnaround.

    The Midsummer Arts Festival is held in the Hudson Valley. Concepts developed with the festival’s director focused on attracting NYC-dwellers to a creative, affordable weekend that was child-friendly.

    I created two versions of 4” x 6” cards and 11” x 17” posters. There are two versions of each, both inspired by native Hudson Valley flora: the Purple Loosestrife flower and the Chestnut tree.

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